26. Flash the Cash, Johnny (2014)
26. Flash the Cash, Johnny (2014)

26. Flash the Cash, Johnny (2014)

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26. Flash the Cash, Johnny

Intergalactics Collection (2014)

$ Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
$ What do you mean Flash Gordon's approaching, Open Fire!
$ Gordon's Alive?

Plenty of people talk it but very few walk it! So pleased the owner of this original very much walks it, lives it and then some!

Walk the Line poster, Johnny Cash currency, green with envy glitter $'s, man on the moon postcard buster Crabtree collectors flash Gordon poster, gordon thunderbolt, 2p coin, early 80's flash gordon computer game cassette for the commodore 64, Johnny cash CD and inlay, silver stars and acrylic on canvas.

Sold to a wonderful pair of collectors near Leicester, UK not far from Chester! 

Boxed frame dimensions 85cm x 115cm
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash!