Commissioned Work

On brand, personal and community commissions are one thing as the model of Engage : Create :  Facilitate is rigorously applied without exception. It's key to share a little background on how this came to be and ME became WE from a rather unexpected source!

 Corporate Marcomms

As the times changed....

The sands of Dubai offered me my first corporate rebrand in the early 2000's as 'MBT' became 'Degussa creating essentials' where the new brand was brought to life but in an authentic, localised way for the Middle East market.


Construction sands to the Golf course bunker sand 

         The signed $1 bill stage with one of the first, Alice Cooper:  golf addict!

With a huge realisation several years later back in North Wales where at HMP Berwyn during an Engage : Create : Facilitate workshop as The Dance of Life Collection took shape ....

The Head of skills and learning told me that she's research my work online and that my journey was all about realising my self-worth and I was clearly ready to help some of the staff and residents at Berwyn realise theirs!

Rather than praise me for various celebrity collaborations it really hit home and she was dead right! Some 3 months and a couple of branding workshops I delivered to the staff and residents there the result was The Dance of life collection.

                                                  'Ups and downs'

Created by a resident of HMP Berywn as part of The Dance of Life Collection

From 'ME' to 'WE'

My work is only as good as the  passion that the client, their team or collective has for their Brand, cause and message! We lean in, share stories, thoughts and philosophies to produce a logo, tagline or even aunique piece of work that tells a story, bordering on a form of therapy for the client, at times..... the moment engagement is key in producing the work together, shaping as we both see fit....


Trailer alert - some of these commissions are now held here, in the private collection section, for those wanting to dig a bit deeper. One of the most recent Brand commissions was to celebrate 50 years at The Hurst Knoll school during a rather challenging time throughout lockdown in the autumn of 2020.

'Play School'
Hurst Knoll School Headmaster Jonathon Hobday 

As Art tells a story in vulnerable glory be it a rebrand, mental health activation. painting, a complete collection or a charitable donation it is all about locking into the cause of the client and connecting the dots - only then can the magic happen.

I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I did helping create them.....

Chilli Marketing, Sydney, Australia (2017)

More self-worth work with this re-Brand and reinforcement workshop giving this team of Marketeers at Chilli Marketing a dragons Den style brief with the challenge of creating their own company brand story in an Artwork with a $100 Aussie budget - then having to sell it for me for 100 times that amounts within a 4 hour window.

The result literally was priceless! They refused to sell me the painting and it still hangs in their boardroom to this day. 

Degussa became BASF Art floor commission (2016)

Full circle working with the BASF Art floor resin to create a celebratory brand piece having worked their in corporate comms a decade earlier!

It really did come full circle but that's another story....

Messrs Henman, Poulter and Sellers as brand meets sport and fine dining!

The Monopolies commission (2015)

What started with a moving story about time-served in Jail led to a connection where stories where openly shared and The Monopolies commission the result for Farid a Hotelier in Portsmouth, England.....

The Monopolies Commission 
Monopoly board, assorted items, a Wheat strand and acrylic on canvas 
125cm x 130cm

Subbuteo Huddersfield Town V Manchester United (2017)

A Sydney based Huddersfield town fan wanted something a bit different to celebrate their against the odd 2-1 win....

Subbuteo worked a treat plus a few blast from the past collectables for goodf measure....


Passion Storm (2018)

In memory of Greggy senior for an extra special family with the energy silos propping up the passion storm during special times in California.....

California Passion Storm
Acrylic on canvas 
190cm x 150cm
El dorado Hills, Fairoaks, California 2018

Colourblind Beefy (2015)

A painting with a twist for Sir Ian Botham's 60th birthday, the red on green colourblind legend.....

Red on Green Dollarshot Commission 
Acrylic on canvas with a signed £20 note 
60cm x 60cm

....who is the patron, saying it like it is!

 Till The Death (2014)

A shooting star, dinner on the floor in Harrogate and a soul searching conversation led to me deconstructing and recreating a family crest from Harrogate, Yorkshire with this contemporary twist as the old meets the new with a Black Knight.

Till the death
1m x 1m acrylic and bitumen on canvas

Lewis Hamiltons Scalex Table (2019)

 'Still I rise' as there's no stopping him with his 6th World Title, honoured in a disruptive and featured in this talking piece for a Diamond Geezers pad near Woburn Golf club, which kindly supplied the sand....

Lewis Hamiltons Still I Rise
Acrylic & spray paint with Scalex 200 components, paddock club pass, blue and yellow starter hairdryer guns, Lewis disruptive print and signed AED 10 banknote with a bag of sand and a set of small Yas circuit ear plugs on plywood.
185cm x 130cm

             Just one more question please - then the magic happened!

Lord Claude (2019)

A London based couple who wanted to capture their pet Lord Claude at his peak marking the first 'Pet Disruptive'....

Lord Claude Disruptive print
Artists Proof : January 2019


Manchester United  (2015)

"I'll host them for golf - you sort the signed $ bills" was the deal leading to this collage dollar style that now hangs proudly in The Qube, The Track, Meydan to be released for sale in early 2021.....

#8 of Heroes & VillainS : Manchester United
Acrylic with 20 signed Manchester United $1bills on an Evra shirt dated 15.2.14 during their visit to Dubai when they were hosted for golf kindly presented by Ryan Giggs.
145cm x 130cm

Lets be Frank, Sinatra original painting (2015)

Painted to celebrate what would have been The Chairmans 100th birthday 12.12.2015 from Film maker Terry 'Rise of the Footsolider' Stone. Curated at the delightful L'escargot in the heart of Soho....

Let's be Frank, Sinatra
Acrylic with 4 vinyl Sinatra records, $100 bill signed by the artist morphing from the face of Frank with Sinatra at 100 CD, a first class stamp, stars and glitter and acrylic on canvas
110cm x 110cm

Lets be Frank, Sinatra prints

The painting above was the springboard for 25 limited edition prints, personalised, hand embellished and otherwise as the story continues with 4 of these being released per year - 16 down, only 8 to go!

 Ruby dooby doo Sintra print

An example of one of the limited edition hand embellished unique variations Sinatra print of Let's be Frank for Ruby using Mac lipstick in full effect with pen additions and Ruby eyes.....

Limited edition Let's Be Frank, Sinatra Fine Art print
Hahnemühle German Etching 310 gsm
60cm x 60cm 

 Top Trumps, Donald

Some stories are, well, sometimes best left....

But that's another story with often both sides of the coin explored.....

Top trumps, Donald
7 x 1977 rare Top Trump cards including Captain America, Dr Octopus and the Green Goblin and The Invisible Girl , featured above the Donald Trump signed $2 bill dated 20th May 2014 

Triptych celebrating life (2020)

Sometimes people are destined to meet - right at the right time! I'll spare you the details but a Dubai villa with light like no other, rich empty walls with a delightful client willing to share the things he really value in his life...

His epiphany, his lightbulb moment after a time of loss with new growth following....


and the next stage of his journey as one portal led to another....

 With the light during installation....

Just right! See those double doors, well the other side of that wall meant these Intergalactics collectables found their resting place as the force was strong.... 

 With the magical work space in the villa of good vibes accommodating the answer to life, with the universe being celebrated with Hitch Hikers 42 (2014) and everything with Snakes & Ladders (2015)...



The following works have all been completed and they're work to be added in case you're looking for one! Plugging away getting up to date and catching myself back up!

Finding your Feet in Scotland

Gary Players Golf & Giving 

Let's Be Frank, Sinatra

Ruby Dooby, Doo!

 Floored by BASF in Germany

 All Join Jack 

 Al Noor for the eyes

 Greatwood 49ers

Story, Rory Race to Dubai meets the Desert Classic!

Budapest Golden moments

Viv Andersons 60th

Carl Cox at The Atlantis

Pragues triptych

Jordan Belfort Real Wolf of Wallstreet 

The curious case of Ian Brown

Peace Brushes for the Russian Consulate

Ravello Boss on the Amalfi Coast

The Manor Cup, Stoke Park 

Aim high with Michael Van Gerwen

Union, Jack Heart, Novus Cambria, North Wales

Dance of Life HMP Berwyn, Wrexham

Future commissions radar for 2021:


- Glenn Hoddle and The British Heart Foundation

- Meydan Hotel, Dubai  Brand workshops

- Theatre by Qe2 activations

- Darren Gough's care for the wild 


As both sides of the coin continues to be explored - guess which side feels the most authentic.....




No contest! 
Whatever next?