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A rare character indeed and without doubt one of the most engaging people I have ever met.

Over the last few years, Jim has followed his artistic calling and has emerged as an artist of distinction. His resilience, belief in his talent and creative output is an inspiration to anyone, in any walk of life. Organisations would do well to hire Jim for motivational speaking engagements and to offer an alternative perspective on their own corporate presentation.

Mark Rix, CEO Apex Media

Jim is an incredibly inspiring, fun and creative person to be around.  A valued ambassador and partner for the Meydan Golf facility, conducting art tours, delivering training sessions and workshops to our golf management team supporting events and activations along the way.  

Tom Rourke, G.M The Track, Meydan Golf

Jim is a talented and passionate artist and has proved to be a valuable connection with myself at Aston Martin Wilmslow with events, ideas and introductions.

Nik Boxall, Dealer Principal, Aston Martin, Wilmslow

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Creative workshops and team building for society

'Jim spent 3 days with our team in Sydney Australia on a ‘Vision, Mission and Values’ session helping to build a great team environment & a winning culture.   One of the workshops he initiated the team to work on was to ‘create a corporate masterpiece!’  The idea being to collectively produce a piece of art that was representative of how they as a team would work together to help the drive the business forwards.  The output (if amazing!) would hang in the office boardroom & remind them daily of their role in helping achieve the goals.  This was something all team members truly LOVED, it was a great exercise to get them talking, thinking and the creative juices flowing. The artwork they produced was brilliant, and has proudly hung in a prominent position ever since!  It is a daily reminder to them all not only of their role to help the business achieve its goals, but also of a great three days spent with Jim and their colleagues having a whole load of fun, learning a lot about each other and then really coming together as one team aligned on hitting big dreams'

Kieron Barton : Founder of Chilli Marketing Global, Sydney, Australia

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I first met Jim some 3-4 years now and was immediately drawn by his passion for life and his work. His enthusiasm when explaining the stories behind his pieces is captivating and I have watched on many occasions others being immediately involved through his engaging personality. Jim's art is fresh and interesting and, as I said, there is a story to all. What is incredibly impressive though is the way Jim has used his art as a journey, letting him meet some incredible people and open some amazing doors and collaborations. He makes and enthralling brand ambassador, is a talented artist and, above all, one of the most genuinely good, decent people you would want to meet. 

Matt White, Sales Director, Chestertons Dubai & MENA.

For me Jim is an extremely talented human being with incredible life skills. An artist, business coach, life coach, marketer, public speaker and an all round inspiring human being. You can not buy the passion and enthusiasm Jim projects. His energy and drive is inspiring and uplifting. Whether you are in Jim’s company for business or pleasure my experience is that you feel energised after spending time with him. I could not recommend Jim highly enough in all aspects of his business portfolio.

Gareth Knight, Toro company, Singapore and Indian sub continent.

Having had the pleasure of knowing Jim for a number of years I’m proud to call him a trusted and exceptional friend. Jim’s drive to create and succeed in an often tricky and difficult art market shows great skill and determination and his creative ability seems endless. I’ll continue to enjoy watching both his art and brand get stronger and stronger for many years to come and am more than happy to highly recommend him.

Tom Gannagé-Stewart Corporate Philanthropy within Historical, Cultural & Creative Sectors, London, England.

Art with a story in vulnerable glory