Creative Workshops

Creativity doesn't have to be a solitary activity and facilitating group workshops is generally a real joy and a privilege. Many of the participants who 'haven't done Art since school' continue to surprise me and themselves with creations that take brand story to the next level.....


Witnessing the often Arm-folding start to the day and participants wanting more having been fully engaged in the creative process. From brainstorming, vision setting and idea dumping to ice-breaking, thought provoking and creating your Brand masterpiece it's all part of the process of improved team performance and a brand your team understand......

It's a break from the tech-driven norm that most people and indeed business are faced with - getting back to basics to create something special relating to the business they work in or something far removed from it!

Chilli Marketing Workshop, Sydney, Australia


'Jim spent 3 days with our team in Sydney Australia on a ‘mission, vision and values’ session helping to build a great team environment & a winning culture.   One of the workshops he initiated the team to work on was to ‘create a corporate masterpiece!’  The idea being to collectively produce a piece of art that was representative of how they as a team would work together to help the drive the business forwards.  The output (if amazing!) would hang in the office boardroom & remind them daily of their role in helping achieve the goals.  This was something all team members truly LOVED, it was a great exercise to get them talking, thinking and the creative juices flowing.  The artwork they produced was brilliant, and has proudly hung in a prominent position ever since!  It is a daily reminder to them all not only of their role to help the business achieve its goals, but also of a great three days spent with Jim and their colleagues having a whole load of fun, learning a lot about each other and then really coming together as one team aligned on hitting big dreams'

 - Kieron Barton : Founder of Chilli Marketing Global


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