Cereal$ Collection (2016)

This 6th Dollarsandart collection nicely transitioned the celebrity mingling aspect of the brand to a grounded, nostalgic and community based look at the past with ‘Cereal$’ as the subject matter. This collection was the cornerstone of exploring Time & Money during the year and the 2016 Dubai $ Project in collaboration with Al Quoz print-lovers Toil & Tinker. With a name like ‘Wheat’ how couldn’t I?!
It’s a delicate balance these days!
This month long  exhibition ran during April 2016 and for the first time in the 4 years of Dubai $ Projects showcased affordable prints for sale, featuring 12 colourful Dollarsandart collectable prints inspired by the cereals that I enjoyed growing up with. Through student life and as a present day late night treat remaining a reassuring sugary consistent in my life. This laid back, community event showcased what the Art market and the public has been asking for from dollarsandart – more accessibility and more affordability!