3. Wolf of Wallstreet (2015) for Re-sale
3. Wolf of Wallstreet (2015) for Re-sale

3. Wolf of Wallstreet (2015) for Re-sale

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A cornerstone original painting from The Heroes & villains collection (2015)
Art with a story with vulnerable glory



A big hook into why people buy a dollarsandart is the story behind it, not just the aesthetics, although that's pretty key. Here's how a bizarre turn of event got more than the result I'd hoped for.....

The Real Wolf of Wallstreet artwork

The morning after meeting Donald Trump to sign both $1 & $2 bills, next up (largely by complete coincidence) was Jordan Belfort, the Real Wolf of Wallstreet. He was speaking at The JW Marriot Marquis, Business Bay, Dubai holding a sales training course. Hosting him were the team from ITP Publishing in Dubai, who, at the time, were housing three dollarsandart originals in their staff canteen (long story).

On the morning on 19th May 2014 I was being pushed aside to get into the elevator to see if I could at least meet the man himself. Being the bigger man I let the oh-so-busy sales people into the elevator and told them I'd get the next one. Let's just say it was culturally packed - it was one of the best decisions I'd made.

When the lift 'PINGED' open, none other than Jordan Belfort along with 2 ITP guys were now patiently waiting for the same elevator! 

'After you, Gents' I insisted.

"GREAT" replied Red-Bull sipping Jordan.

'Welcome to the JW Marriot Marquis' I said, boldly.


                                     If you're going to go, go BOLD!

With that we were rich in conversation and as we got out at the second floor we were shown the VIP / Green Room - I couldn't believe my luck and timing. He talked about giving all investors who lost money their money back and mapped out how he was going to do it, which he still is doing to this day.

'Would you mind signing these please? I'd like to honour you in an Artwork for my Heroes & Villains exhibition I'm planning for 2015.

He was on his 3rd can of Red Bull (no joke) so it was hard capturing the signing itself but you get the idea....

Several signed banknote later he wished me luck with the show and asked if I was attending his sales talk....


"I'd love to mate but I'm golfing at 11am" (down at The Track, Meydan - it was the truth) An answer in hindsight that didn't do me any harm. I'd got the job done and it was time to roll! Got to balance work with leisure and pleasure, right?

Some 14 months later, lots of golf, celebrity signing and many, many lessons learned this was the resulting original Artwork that I'd delighted to sell privately....


#3 of Heroe$ & VillainS : Real Wolf of Wall $treet

Featuring a sgined Jordan Belfort $1 bill dated 19.5.14
Mixed media on canvas
78cm x 86cm

I incorrectly assumed there would be plenty of interest at The Heroes & Villains exhibition....

 Fly on the wall from the frustratingly red-tapped Heroes & Villains exhibition

Here's the boring gallery version - you'll spot both Wolf and Trump Artworks :-


Then showcasing this along with Top Trumps, Donald at various events....

                             A trump & A Real wolf signed Dollarsndart?

        it was all set up to sell, right?


So, maybe now, some 4 years on, now is the time,  and never, ever, give up! Not long after Top Trumps, Donald was sold to a private collector in Dubai and is now in California for possible re-sale.....

As for the Real wolf of Wallstreet original, no time to waste! 


 Got work to do.....

"Is Dubai asleep?  Trump and The Real Wolf within 2 artworks of each other? " 

It looks like they were! Feel free to contact jim@dollarsandart.com for more information on this original Wolf of Wallstreet painting.