The Joker

The Joker

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The Joker disruptive inspired and modelled by British based Ollie Major released on social 31.10.2020 with his personalised message of 'Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain - F$UK' heading to him on the first edition of 60cm x 60cm captured so wonderfully well for Halloween 2020 when the world kept getting even more disruptive.

The eyes have it here as do the blood splats as innocence and vulnerability meet strength and determination as the dance goes on....

Happy days, nice one Ollie capturing The Joker in his prime...


in this limited edition of 50 Pop Art Disruptive print by the Artist Jim Wheat honouring one of the most disruptive Batman villains of all time, with the recent film instalment for 2021 recently being filmed in Liverpool....


with his picture duplicated across four squares, each one washed with a neon colour in the style of Pop Art portraiture, and subtly emblazoned with the dollar sign.

Focusing the trope of money through people, places, and occasions, Dollarsandart's celebrity prints comment on the tense relationship between fame and finance in contemporary culture.

Limited editions of The Joker available with personalisation upon request and the colour of your $$$, watcha waiting for?
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