Gary McAllister
Gary McAllister
Gary McAllister
Gary McAllister
Gary McAllister
Gary McAllister

Gary McAllister

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A rare opportunity for Liverpool (and Leeds, Coventry, Scotland) fans alike to acquire one of the remaining limited edition of 20 (twenty) Gary McAllister Fine Art disruptive prints...

Signed by the Artist Jim Wheat and Gary McAllister himself honouring one of the most charismatic and passionate British Footballers of all time with his picture duplicated across four squares, each one washed with a neon colour in the style of Pop Art portraiture, and subtly emblazoned with the two logos that are close to the heart.


Launched exclusive at The Sporting Club 'evening with' series in the heart of Liverpool.....


Where a packed out room enjoyed his stories of yesteryear, especially THAT magically 2000-2001 season he had with Liverpool...

A real head turner!


Captured in his prime in this limited edition 25cm x 25cm fine art print with the logos of both Liverpool F.C crest and the pop art £ sign pop-pickers!

With only 4 of these prints left in the U.K and a U.A.E allocation you'd best be quick as the plot thickens like a well left chilly in the slow cooker...

Focusing the trope of money through people, places, and occasions, Dollarsandart's celebrity prints comment on the tense relationship between fame and finance in contemporary culture and a relentless desire to capture these times the dance goes on!

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