Reflections - Highly recommended!

Aside from saving 40 minutes of re-writing this whole article it's a 'Hand up, OK I confess' cut and paste from my linked in articles so excuse the formatting, so here goes....

It took a while to....

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... step away from my self-serving passion and reflect back on the last 8 years...

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...easy for you to say 'take it or leave it' Lady holding a brolly but reflection IS a good thing from this to time, especially in our modern day non-stop multiple plate spinning, app-opening times....

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It's a zest for life thing you see, having put myself out there with Art blindly becoming my reason to be eating, breathing, dreaming and obsessing with it my dollar dreams went pear shaped in 2009 followed by the most difficult of times in 2010.....

Lounge became the Art Studio in 2011

it was my new found purpose you see, relentlessly producing collection....

The Money Collection : 28 paintings showcased in 2013

...after collection....

Intergalactics collection (2014)

...after collection...

Back in the U$$R collection

with the enthusiastic, often reckless pursuit of exploring celebrities - running about for signed $1 bills for the next body of work...

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As Art told a story in vulnerable glory a critical cornerstone for my self-worth if the truth be told, all with the justification of some timely collaborations in 2014/2015 for The Heroes & Villains collection seeking validation from some well-known faces...

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exploring both sides of the coin, largely ignored.....

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but at the very least a fist-bump / me talking in pigeon English to some of the unsung foot soldiers in the sands of the Singapore of Steroids metropolis that is Dubai.

Talk  to the hand...

Taking it back to the U.K literally putting my house on it as bricks and mortar where waived goodbye to continue the pursuit, regardless....

Setting up Rhubarb & Custard (hotter than the sun) Cliffords Tower, New York

followed by the Snap, Crackle and Pop (Art) of the cereals collection...

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With a colour blind patron.....

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Leading to Disruptive times both in Dubai and London...

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Taking it to California last summer, one painting a day for 80 days...

Dollar & Stripes - California summer 2018

Nearly biting off more than I could chew*....

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*Photo Credit the legend that is Colby Barrett

With The Best of British, my 9th collection teed up for launch this July....

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With private commissions....

Kevin Pietersen leaning in for his private artwork 'KP24'

Making Hay(e) as the sun shone....

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Converting Charity fundraisers...

Owen Faarrell for Joining Jack

Creative workshops for team performance....

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Sponsoring Golf events....

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Art tours at The Track, Meydan Golf*...

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*Photo Credit the talented Kevin Jose

Car launches..

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With a touch of 007 for good measure, Meeester Bond!

I've been expecting you, Mr Bond!

OK it was a busy time, time to take stock....

"You need to start a Pod-cast" - They said, so many stories, it's insane.

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Whilst I gave this half decent body of work (8 collections, the ninth teed up for this summer and the 10th mapped for 2020 and a few hundred paintings along the way) all I could - my legacy if you will, something had to give!

So to keep my grey matter occupied whilst engaging others along the way eventually realising that...

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Well said Whole Hearted Woman, well said - Blokes aswell, you know.

So, once I'd taken time to GO! Smell the flowers, give myself a bit of space in the last couple of months the magic happened from a couple of unexpected sources. It was time to step back, take several deep breathes and simmer the Special 'K down.

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The balance of Time V money - easier said than done!


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Something DID give - partly the need for validation and approval with time top tune into other peoples needs, wants, desire, ambitions and issues and it's been an enriching experience.

Thankfully, having created the space I've had a couple of lightbulb moments on where I can channel this abundance of energy and spirit to ultimately help others and their causes.

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Think Art for therapy, workshops, team building and representing brands that can make a difference - brands I really believe in! Whilst Art is part of my life, it's not all of my life (Hands up, the 9th collection is nearly good to go, 10th collection for summer 2020 is being mind-mapped as I type) and I'll be sharing how I allowed that space to develop with a couple of examples that filled it wonderfully well here in next weeks article.

It's been part therapy sharing this with you in this article so thanks for reading, thoughts and comments most welcome!


  • Sharing what I did to step back.
  • Taking on board valuable feedback during a Lewis Hamilton commission.
  • The Prison Service lightbulb moment that nailed the last 8 years in 2 words!


Creating - Opportunities : Selling, Marketing and connecting brands I believe in.

Facilitating - Art Workshops : Hosting creative training days for well being and performance.

 Shaping - People : Driving the generation of ideas and improving team performance with creativity. 

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Well, if you'd like to get amongst it don't hesitate to drop me a line by pigeon carrier, telegraph, fax, phone, postcard, linked in message, billboard, loudspeaker or through channelling intentions of the highest order on your rich journey of self-actualisation.

Follow the daily goings on of dollarsandart, Art that tells a story, on instagram,pinteresttwittersville and the book of faces.

Testi-money : "Jim thrives on delivering my clients Sales & Marketing requirements whilst serving and connecting people and brands through partnerships, collaborations and engaging Sales training and creative workshops" - Donald Trump*

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*Maybe but he did sign the $1 bill insisting he kept the pen so I asked him to sign a $2 bill also, the story continues!

Thank's for tuning in, folks!


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