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Some say Dollars-and-art (Dollars&art) others prefer Dollar-sand-art in truth either is correct but in this post I wanted to share my thinking behind the Dollarsandart brand that has been my passion and outlet for creativity since 2011....

Dollarsandart as Art tells a story in vulnerable glory....

Dollar = Money, currency, energy!

That first signed dollar for Mum 28/8/1994

Like grains of sand, we are each unique, shaped by the dance of time and the tides of change.....

I love serving and connecting people from all walks of life  through media, commissions, collaborations and creative initiatives.



I founded Dollarsandart after an exceptionally challenging time, as an outlet to create, share and sell 🎨 that tells a story.


Originally from the North West of England I studied Civil Engineering, then my Masters in California before returning to the UK for a career in Sales and Marketing. I made the move to Dubai in 2002 where I became disillusioned with the superficiality of a material existence.


There seemed to be an unwritten life rule that 💰 is integral to happiness and happiness is a natural by product of 💰. I'm fortunate to have experienced both sides of the (bit) coin through commercial roles in Construction and ⛳ industries working with a wide variety of people from all over the 🌎.


As I was lost and as a subconcious cry for help, I dug deeper exploring money, people and creativity further I began to express myself, experiences, struggles and successes through Art.


The universal symbol of the $ seemed to impact and influence so many decisions, providing the motivation for and the limitation of many of our decisions in life. I decided that the dollar for all its pro’s and con’s along with grains of sand in nature and in industry would be a central feature of my work as Dollarsandart was born....


My relentless desire to create compelling content based on Money (all tradeable commodities), People (Humanity) and Creativity to help people along the way continues as my craft.

Bespoke commissions on a variety of mediums (acrylic, sand, oil, currency, resin, glass and Pop Art prints) across a variety of media (Instagram, Instastories, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Vlogging keep my engine going to produce content that's of value to others.

So, What's your story? I'd ♥️ to know more and connect dots as your dance continues.

I'll share more about our Gorilla Guy, BIG  MONEY and how I was inspired to come and paint one painting per day in California for 80 days  in due course....

That's a work in progress, another story as they say, so watch this space but in the meantime here's an example of Art with a story in vulnerable glory....

Time to gallop off now, back later....

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